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Verona Kinkead-1

Verona K. 2015

I know that it has been awhile since I posted but you know how life sometimes gets in the way.

This is a shot of my sister, taken one day during this past winters snow flurries. I had attempted this shot several times over the winter with several different lenses and never really liked how they came out. But I rented a 50mm / 1.2 to try before I buy, (lesson learned there let me tell ya!) and this was the result. It was taken in the late afternoon during a light snow and the light was fading fast. I took about 8-10 shots and this was the best of the bunch!

I converted it to B&W in LR and used a radial filter to emphasis the eyes and kind of blur out the rest to a slight degree.

Let me know what y’all think!!

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Jensen Ackles: Minn Con 2015

Jensen Minn Con GP (1 of 1)-2


Jensen Ackles : Minneapolis Salute to Supernatural 2015 Convention J2 Gold panel.

I found out as I was tying to save my files on my dying laptop that I had yet to edit my J2 Gold panel Minneapolis convention pictures. This is one of the many gems I have found thus far! As soon as I can I will post more!

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Gil McKinney

Gil McKinney-62

Gil McKinney I am sorry for your loss with the passing of your Father.

Many may not know this since I have not seen much on the feeds about it, I thought I would pass it along for those we cared….

Although I did not know your father, we all will feel this pain some day….

A great soul has departed, but the memories of your Father shall never fade. I know your loss is huge, and I can only share in your pain. Although it’s difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, may looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow. May the soul that has gone, rest forever in peace. Keep faith and courage and know that your family and friends surround you in this time of need.

Again I am sorry for your loss….


B&W Photography…


B&W photography has been around since the inception of the camera and film.

One of my all time favourite B&W photographers is Ansel Adams. His photos are stunning and evoke feelings that are beyond words.

B&W photography has always spoken to me, once you remove all the colour that can sometimes be distracting; what is left behind can tell a beautiful story all on its own.

Since I have started shooting again within the last couple of years I keep getting drawn back to B&W. It tells such a story all on its own. If the picture is good enough it can tell that story to anyone who looks at it all on its own without the colour within the photo distracting the viewer.

Mark Sheppard Sunday panel Minn Con 2015-49Alaina Huffman

If I had not taken this shot and come across it without knowing any back story I would be curious as to know what caused this shocked/surprised look on Alaina’s face. I hope that with this photo I have caused the viewer to have that same curiosity

Mark Sheppard sat panel Minn Con 2015-14

Mark Sheppard

I love that I was able to capture this shot of Mark, sometimes during his panels he is so snarky and he loves to torture his fans and he rarely if at all answers any questions. his go to answer for any question is NO! I love it! Every now and then a fan will surprise him and ask an intelligent question or make a comment and you get his little smile.

Saturday Night Special MinnCon 2015 (26 of 123)

Stephen Norton

I love that I was finally able to get a great shot of Stephen, since he is the drummer he’s usually in the background and blocked by the other members of the band and some of the equipment depending on the angle of the shot. So I decided to convert the shot to B&W to hopefully to show the joy and concentration he uses to play.


I know that photography is a continuing learning process and I can only hope to continue learning and improving one shot at a time!


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365 Project

I know that I am behind on getting out and getting shots for my 365 project but life gets in the way some days. So to get back on track here is #29


Hot house rose:

I was able to get out today and get some shots. I went and met friends for lunch and we went to a Hot house that grows winter roses. I LOVE roses, however I have a hard time growing them sometimes. I have several throughout my own garden, reds, yellows, & orange. I also have 2 climbers around my garden gate that does very well in late spring and all throughout summer; but trying to grow and get them to bloom inside in the winter?? Forget it! I will let the professionals do that!

These shots were right after they had watered and I think they came out wonderful. Still working on getting my focus sharper, but I have a feeling that will come in time and lots of practice.

Plus I love the colour and I am not usually a “Pink” kind of girl!! LOL!

morning dew-1

Here is another shot, but up close….

morning dew-1-2

I love that I was able to capture the water drops on the petals on the rose. I just used PP All in One clean edit with a few hand edits and hand cropping. Camera Canon MarkIII 5D with 24-105mm f/4.6-1/100-ISO 320 at 55mm focal length.

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Louden Swain

The band members of the Indy Band Louden Swain.

I was doing some editing from my MinnCon 2015 Saturday Night Special folder and found these gems.

The Indy Band Louden Swain from California. One of my favourite bands to hear live! The members include Rob Benedict: Vocals and Guitar, Billy Moran: Guitar and Vocals, Stephen Norton: Drums and Vocals and Mike Borja: Bass and Vocals.Rob Benedict MinnCon SNS 2015-1

Rob Benedict

Lead singer and guitarist

What can I say about Rob other that when he sings he puts his whole heart and soul into it and you can tell that just by listening to him belt out songs like “She waits”. Which is a very personal song for him and for me…. If you ever get a chance to listen to it, do. Other of my favs include “Eskimo, Sky Alive and Like a Heart Goes.Stephen Norton MinnCon SNS 2015-1

Stephen Norton


I love Stephen, I think most of the time the drummer in most bands are overlooked not because they are not good but because they are in the background, hidden behind the other band members and their kit. But Stephen is a great drummer and an all around awesome guy!! ❤ him so much!Mike Borja MinnCon SNS 2015-1

Michael Borja

Bass guitarist and vocals.

Mike is great, the few times that I have had the pleasure of talking to him he is a nice and friendly guy and very funny. They are all very sweet guys and they love their fans!Billy Moran MinnCon SNS 2015-1

Billy Moran

Guitarist and vocals.

Billy is an awesome guitarist. His solos are amazing and I could listen to him continuously and a super sweet guy.

I can not wait to see them live again, but that is not until July in Pittsburgh. Guess I will have to wear out my discs until then.


I have learned that I love shooting live bands, each time I do I catch something different!  I have many more shots that I will be uploading to my flickr account over the next few days so be sure to check them out!

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Lucky shot!

Billy Moran: Guitarist for Indy band Louden Swain.

Going through some of my con pictures from this past year (2015) I have found some really cool gems now that I am looking at each one with a critical eye.

I have usually thrown out or deleted any shot that I did not feel was perfect, but it is not perfection that I had captured; it was that special moment in time, that special feeling I had at the time in which I will never get back.

This shot is from Minneapolis Convention 2015. It was a very lucky shot I did not know I had captured until I went back through them.

This was also the first time that Creation Entertainment held the SPN con at an actual convention centre, the lighting, the sound, the view was so much better! The convention centre in Minneapolis was Awesome for the con.

Rob, Rich and Matt-219

I got this shot at the end of the R2M panel (Richard, Rob & Matt), the boys were all jumping in the air at the end of the panel along with the music. While editing I couldn’t decide which edit I liked better, the B&W or the colour, so the coloured version is below as well. Although I think I like the B&W version better…. but you be the judge.

Rob, Rich and Matt-1-2

As I continue to go back through all my pics and continue to find some more of these gems and memories I will gladly continue to share them all with you….


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Richard Speight Jr.

Playing @ being a Rock Star!


I found these lovely pics of Richard when I was going through my MinnCon 2015 Pics. I totally missed editing them till now because I misplaced the SD card!

So please enjoy the AWESOMENESS that is Richard Speight Jr. playing guitar and singing. He has a great tenor voice!

RSJ & LS con openingl Minn Con 2015-10

Richard Speight Jr. The Friday morning con opneing @ MinnCon 2015

RSJ & LS con openingl Minn Con 2015-33

Richard Speight Jr. The Friday morning con opneing @ MinnCon 2015

RSJ & LS con openingl Minn Con 2015-47

Richard Speight Jr. The Friday morning con opneing @ MinnCon 2015

Richard puts on a great show, he plays a mean guitar and had a sweet voice!!

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365 Project

Photography challenge for 2016, 365 pics/1 a day


chuck lovin the snow-1.1

My pup Chuck enjoying the snow!

I took this shot while my pup was outside in the yard playing in the little bit of snow that we got last week while I was under the weather. He was a little sad that I couldn’t play outside with him, but he still had fun!

He loves the snow, he will stick his nose in the snow and then run with his head down scrapping along and getting his whole nose and face covered in it!

It was just a quick snap shot, I used PP: All in one clean edit, with a few hand tweaks. I think it may be to bright, but I like it anyway, it was really bright that day!

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365 Project

Photography challenge for 2016, 365 pics/1 a day


Diamonds in ice-1.1

Diamond’s on Ice!

Not sure how I feel about this shot…. I used PP all in one clean edit with a few hand edits.

I like how the ring itself turned out, but the snow was a total wash….. Need to practice, as you can’t really tell it is sitting in snow at all that is how washed out it turned out. Almost threw this shot away, but figured I may as well post it and see what you all thought!

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